Robotic Education! Business Unexplored!

      We invite you to start your own business in this vast and potentially untapped market. We believe young students should be exposed to hands on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics at a young age. Robotics introducing students to engineering and motivate them to be involved in creating future technology. In addition, Robotics allows young students to develop invaluable skills and such a problem solving logical reasoning critical thinking and creativity. One will be amazed by the extra excitement that children show while building robots, they learn robotics STEaM Subject as fun. There will be many occasion when parents have to literally pull their kids away from their project at the end of the day, Particularly while preparing for robotics competition.

      Robotics is its nascent stage. As demand for robotics rise, the time is right for players to enter the niche of robotic education.The future of robotic training is extremely bright and lucrative in our country and one needs to ride this wave.

Why Novatech Robo?

Robotic franchise requires

1: Trainer:

A team of trainers & training manuals to make training process simple and easy...

2: Training Materials:

Inventory of imported kits, UI based programming, Robotic Kit "Novabot" and software “novasoft”

3: Course Curriculum (kits):

Built several robotic models to make trainig easy & interesting, Augmenting robotics

4: Research & Development:

A research team is constantly developing new models & project to keep pace with robotic technology

Recent Works

We Have Organized International Robofest, Robotic Workshop, Robotic Training

Robofest at Bangalore

Succesfully Compeleted International Robofest


Platform for Internet of Things

IOT India Congress, Park Plaza, Bangalore.


Robotic Workshop

One Week Hands On Robotic Workshop



DIAT, DRDO, Govt. of India, Girinagar Pune - 411 025, India


Robotics Exhibition

Christ University,Bangalore


ROBOFEST at Trivandrum

MAR Theophelus training college


Arduino Workshop

Christ junior College,Bangalore


Drone Workshop

Bangalore International School


Our Skills

Novatech Robo Artificial Intelligence is No 1 company in robotic education.







FuN Learning


Why People like us?

Top Growing

We Are Top Growing company in Robotics

We provide compelete Practical Training
Robotics is completely based on STEaM, Our Trainer Makes it easy understandable.
We providing Quality Education with Robotic Kit & professional Trainers

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